Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ko Samets rare bird

The oriental piled hornbill, picture by

This bird often remains unvisible. But if you know, where to look, you will detect the oriental pied hornbill (nok gaek), who is up to 70 centimetres long. As The Nation reports, on Koh Samet there are only a handful of these birds left, but some islanders have founded a Hornbill Conservation Society. Thani Sukrajang, the owner of Ao Noi Na guesthouse, takes guests to watch this bird. And Samet Resorts are engaging for this project. Locals say, construction workers are shooting the birds. But there could be other reasaons for the disappearing: Certainly 300000 tourists, coming to the island every year, harm the ecology system of the island. But Samet Resorts want to intensify the green image of Koh Samet. Let's hope, this creates an engagement, that really helps the oriental piled hornbill.

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